Honest Evrth was created by two young adults on the Gold Coast, Australia. The duo share a burning obsession for keeping our oceans clean. The pair have also grown up by the ocean and share the same love for the beauty our oceans offer. The ambitious team understands that taking action on the plastic crisis is critical to make sure that plastic is collected before it hits the ocean. We all must aim for a brighter future, no plan b.


Plastic Bank



Did you know by 2050 there will be more plastic by weight than fish in our oceans and the rate of plastic going into our oceans is only increasing? More plastic, more problems.

Plastic Bank


Honest Evrth has removed over 52,000 plastic bottles from our oceans and coastlines

We aim to remove over 800,000 by the end of 2021.

                                      Plastic BankHow do we do this?

By Supporting Plastic Bank we are supporting plastic waste collection by locals in coastal communities who can exchange plastic waste for money, healthcare, tech products, school tuition and micro-finance at their local Plastic Bank. When you make a purchase with Honest Evrth not only are you keeping our oceans clean you are also helping boost the economy in third world countries. 
Plastic Bank

The duo plans to achieve their mission by delivering high quality products that will not only benefit the customer but also the planet . The team donates a percentage of their profits to Plastic Bank to make sure our promise is getting fulfilled. 

Plastic Bank

 Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank

It is time to start thinking for the future!

Honest Evrth



Honest Evrth strives to make a significant difference in the world by removing plastic pollution from our oceans globally and being a world leading supplier of eco friendly related products. Honest Evrth aims to educate both the younger and elder generation on the impact the human race is having on our Oceans. 


 Our values