Honest Evrth was created by two young adults based in South Queensland, Australia. The pair share an extreme passion for surfing and have become extremely aware of how crucial ocean pollution is to our planet. The ambitious team has a mission to remove thousands of pounds of plastic waste from the ocean and won’t stop until they have achieved their mission. The duo plans to achieve their mission by delivering high quality products that will not only benefit the customer but the planet also. The first and renown product is the Honest Wax which is 100% biodigerable and eco friendly for the everyday surfer. The Honest Evrth team uses part of their profits to remove plastic from the ocean, this is done by promising their customer by each purchase of an Honest Wax one pound of plastic waste will removed from our oceans. The Honest Evrth team couldn’t be more happier to be spread awareness across the globe on how plastic waste is affecting our oceans and damaging our marine life. The team plans to remove 500,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean by 2021.



Honest Evrth mission is to offer affordable eco products that not only benefit the customer but also our planet. Honest Evrth strives to make a significant difference in the world by stopping chemical pollution into the ocean globally, by being a world leading supplier of eco friendly related products. Honest Evrth aims to educate the younger and also older generation on the impact the human race is taking on the ocean and mother nature itself. Honest Evrth strives to remove 500 thousand pounds of plastic waste from our oceans by 2021. Honest Evrth is a company that represents a lifestyle change to have a positive impact globally.