Wake up to climate change


Let's talk about these bushfires that have devastated the whole of east coast of Australia, not to mention have destroyed nearly 1,000 homes and more than 3.7 million hectares (9.1 million acres) of land. I’d love to hear  your thoughts and how you feel the Australian government is acting upon this natural disaster and what you believe the causes are. 


Let’s first start off with how bushfires start; there are many different ways fires start with a whooping 35% categorised as accidental. Flicking cigarette butts is what comes to mind for most people though there is a lot of loopholes with this ideology, for example the temperature needs to be higher than 27 degrees and humidity below 22% whilst also needing to land in a bed of fuel at a particular angle, according to Richard Woods, who runs the Wild Fire Investigations and Analysis consultancy.  


Suspicious fire starters are also high with 37% measured to intentionally start a fire, this act is known as arson. Arson according to the dictionary is “the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property, the reasoning behind why arson is committed is large in reasons whilst also being too complex to comment on. The rest of the percentages are small numbers and different causes such as natural, lighting, children and miscellaneous.


Let’s pause for thought… Are these bushfires caused due to a policy that the greens pushed to stop control burns? In fact, before Europeans arrived Aboriginal people were practising a form of fire management more effective than that which has been practiced since. For the people that are not aware of what these controlled burns do, controlled burns are fires started with a mission and that is to reduce flammable fuels, restore ecosystem health, recycle nutrients or prepare an area for new tress and vegetation. This is nature’s way of rebuilding a stronger environment for itself and as the saying goes "Suffering can lead to transformation. And redemption. And marvellous mystery.” — Dr. Allen Hunt



Climate change is a big thing on most people’s minds as well, the world is crumbling and we as a society are only encouraging this with our consumption and want for things to feel adequate. People are becoming more educated with this problem and I believe are becoming as a civilisation better and kinder to mother nature. We need changes in our politics that focus on the footprint we are leaving on our planet and when devastation like this sweeps across anywhere we need a governments that are able to act quickly and fight these fires with the resources we have instead of going on holidays with the family.